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What’s in YOUR bucket??

When you sign up for composting, you don’t just get a bucket with a biodegradeable liner! You get so much more!! One of the great things we do with the Community Composting Project is to attach a plastic envelope onto the lid of your composting bucket. Not only is this a place you can put […]

Joseph McFarlane and Merril Jones take time to sift compost at the Village School “So where do they take all my food scraps when they peddle away on their bicycles?? And then what happens??” A very important part of the Community Composting Project is the actual composting process that takes place at the Village School […]

Summer and Composting

Patrick and KristenOriginally uploaded by The Center for Sustainable Living Running the composting project in the winter months is a perpetual test of our coping skills. We’re constantly trying to figure out how to bike around town in the shortest amount of time possible. Another challenge is cleaning out everyone’s compost bucket without our water […]

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