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Composting at Farmers Market

The Center for Sustainable Living is resuming the Community Composting Project once again! Over the years we’ve begun to realize that our Community Composting Project is more about creating community (in an interesting way), than it is just the collection of food scraps. We’re happy to tell you that we will be resuming this project […]

In an effort to place aid in the hands of the many poor and low-income survivors of the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, the Center for Sustainable Living is organizing a “compost fundraiser”, much like we did in an effort to respond to last December’s tsunami. Donations collected in compost buckets in the next coming weeks […]

Share your Sustainable Ideas

Every Saturday when we come to pick up your composting, we often place a message or sustainable tip into the envelope atop your compost bucket. Now is your chance to be a part of this great information sharing! If you have a favorite sustainable tip that you’d love to share, or a favorite article, recipe, […]

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