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Many thanks go out to Northfield Tractor and Equipment for donating tilling services to the Greenvale Park Community Garden! After much wet and rainy conditions, the soil was finally ready to be tilled. Let the planting begin!

Many thanks go out to the 25 participants who came together for our first Northfield Commons Café! We all drew out pictures of our visions and dreams for community, and after sharing, we came up with our questions. Many thanks to Norman Butler, who brought it two bottles of wine to Tiny’s, yet had to […]

“We are the leaders we have been waiting for.” – David Korten, from The Great Turning – from Empire to Earth Community Please join us tonight for our first of many Northfield Commons Café discussions. In these cafés, we will come together – ALL as leaders, to envision and create the community we wish to […]

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