It’s plenty cold and snowy out . . . but in spite of the wintry weather its time to think ahead to springtime! Soon seedlings will be sprouting and dandelions blooming. Now’s the time to apply for a garden plot at the Greenvale Park Community Garden.

Garden plots are 10 feet by 20 feet (with a 10’x10’ half-plot option also available.) If you get a plot, you can plant what you choose and you will be responsible for weeding, watering, harvesting and otherwise maintaining your plot throughout the growing season. The produce of the plot will be yours to eat, share, and use as you choose. All gardeners at the community garden will use organic gardening methods, and experienced gardeners will be available to help newer gardeners learn the necessary skills.

Community Gardens are just as much about growing community as growing food! Learning from your gardening neighbors is part of the joy of it . . . share recipes, gardening tips, or figure out together what’s that bug that’s eating your beans. In addition to gardening in their own plots, gardeners will participate on work teams to share tasks like maintaining the compost, mowing and trimming grassy areas, and working the Sharing Plot. All the produce from the Sharing Plot is donated to the Northfield Food Shelf.

Applications will be accepted beginning February 2. Applications (in English and Spanish) can be picked up at Northfield Public Library, Greenvale Park School, Northfield CAC, and Northfield Schools Community Services Division. They can also be downloaded in pdf form from the links below.

Completed applications should be mailed to Northfield Community Gardeners, or they may be dropped off at the Greenvale Park School office or the Community Services Division at the NCRC. Once applications are approved, gardeners will pay a gardening fee of $25 for the year ($15 for half-plots) to help cover costs of water and other garden expenses. Financial assistance will be available through the CAC for those who are unable to pay the full amount. If you have further questions about the garden please call. Habla Espanol? Llame al 507-663-0662.

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