Lashbrook ParkA very large embrace of thanks goes out to all who attended last night’s Northfield Park and Recreation Advisory Board. With a room filled to capacity, citizens came out to voice their opinions on the proposed archery range construction, which would have claimed over 30% of the park, destroying the prairie grasses, wildflowers, and habitats for various species of insects, birds, and mammals.

After hearing citizen concerns, in the end, the Park Board voted unanimously to consider other site locations for an archery range. Of the notable concerns, Park Board members were in agreement that their perceptions of the size of the range proposed by the Cannon Valley Sportsmen’s Club were not accurate, based on seeing the area in person at the park. Neighbors voiced their concerns of not receiving adequate (if any) notification from the City to build an archery range in the middle of this nearby park.

Many history lessons were told during the evening – the community organizing to obtain grants and donations of approximately $150,000 to establish the park, as well as the history of the Lashbrook family, who in the 1920s raised prized holsteins, marketed and sold across the country. The Lashbrooks were the “Cows” of Northfield’s motto of “Cows, Colleges, and Contentment.”

Because of citizen action, Lashbrook Park, a prairie park with grasses that grow six feet high by fall, was saved from extinction. As one participant stated, “Archery is an admirable sport for all ages, and there may be many locations to create a range – but there is only ONE Lashbrook Park.”

For more information, you can read the article in the Northfield News which recounts the Park Board meeting and results.

Thank you to all who shared their voices to save this treasure of wild prairie land!

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