Northfield Commons Cafe“We are the leaders we have been waiting for.”
- David Korten, from The Great Turning – from Empire to Earth Community

We hope you will join us for the first of many of what we are calling the Northfield Commons Café Discussions. In these open-space circle-based discussions, all are leaders and all are learners. As part of an emerging broader effort by the Center for Sustainable Living, we are building upon the idea of creating a “Local Learning Commons” – where citizens and neighbors learn from each other, engage in creative and compelling conversations, and ultimately create their own visions and manifestations for the kind of community they wish to see.

Café Discussion – “Exploring Our Questions that Matter”
Thursday, May 15 – 7pm – 9pm
Tiny’s Hotdogs – 321 Division Street (downtown)
(come early for great food!)

Using art and conversation as a medium, we will begin to draw out that which “we care about deeply” and our “dreams of community” to form the questions that matter – those questions we must address, in the hopes of creating a more sustainable, inclusive, and desirable future community. The questions that will emerge will be the basis for future conversations and cafés. Everyone is welcome. Come as you are.

Everyone is a leader.
Everyone is a learner.

For more information, please email us!

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