Community Garden

The 2007 community garden is made up of 30 plots tended by Northfield families and individuals. Garden plots are 10 feet by 20 feet (with a 10’x10’ half-plot option also available.) Those who are assigned plots may plant what they choose and are responsible for maintaining their plots throughout the growing season. The produce of the plot will be theirs to use as they wish. All gardeners at the community garden use organic gardening methods, and experienced gardeners are available to help newer gardeners learn the necessary skills. All gardeners also help out with necessary garden tasks, like fence trimming and maintaining the compost. In addition to the individually assigned plots, there is also a “Sharing Plot” which the gardeners communally help to tend and harvest produce from this plot is donated to the food shelf. There are also two plots maintained by Greenvale Park School classes.

The garden is a collaboration between Northfield Community Gardeners, Northfield School District Community Services, and Greenvale Park Elementary School.

Do you long to be planting and weeding and harvesting in the summer, but don’t have a yard to garden in? Would you like to feed your own home-grown produce to your family and friends? Let us know you are interested! You can print out the 2008 Community Garden Interest Form, fill it out and mail it to us, or you can send an e-mail to with the information from the form. PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form is not the same as applying for a plot . . . formal applications cannot be accepted until early 2008! However, if you are interested, please fill out and mail in this form, to help us know how many people want space and whether we should make the garden larger for next year! And if you give your address or e-mail, we will contact you when it’s time to send an application for the 2008 garden!

Fees: Gardeners pay an annual fee of $25 per plot (or $15 per half plot) to help with garden costs. Financial Assistance is available for those who need it.

Requirements: Plots are open to anyone in Northfield, and applications will be taken on a first-com, first-served basis in early 2008. (A number of plots are temporarily reserved for families of current Greenvale Park Elementary students, in the early weeks of the application period.) The opening date for applications will be announced here and in the Community Services Winter Brochure, mailed to all households in the Northfield School District .

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  1. on 26 Nov 2007 at 1:25 pmBethany

    If anyone who reads this has the means to support a similar project which I hope to start up in South America, please go to my website and let me know.

    In the neighborhood where I want to start one, no one would have the means to pay the $25 yearly fee (plus, the fees needed would be more, I imagine, as gardening in S.A. is year round).

    I will be hunting for the land this next summer! I am so very excited about it.

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