What's Inside??

When you sign up for composting, you don’t just get a bucket with a biodegradeable liner! You get so much more!! One of the great things we do with the Community Composting Project is to attach a plastic envelope onto the lid of your composting bucket. Not only is this a place you can put your voluntary $5/month donation, but we love to use it as a way of communicating with our composters! We call it “our form of alternative media.”

Some of the things we’ve placed in these envelopes includes:

  • What to compost (and what not to)
  • Recipes
  • Tips for home sustainability and conservation
  • Articles we’ve seen about energy, biking, compost, the environment
  • General good wishes!! (We love our composters!)

Also, we love gettting new ideas and messages from YOU! If you see something you think would interest us, or you have been dying to share your recipe for raspberry rubarb pie, or you just want to send your fellow bicycle composter well wishes (we love cards!!), you can place them in the envelope on your bucket lid, and we’ll pick that up too! Some of the greatest ideas we get come from folks in the community.

So keep your ideas coming. We’d love to hear from you! Tell your friends that you sent a message “by compost.”

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