Working Together
Joseph McFarlane and Merril Jones take time to sift compost at the Village School

“So where do they take all my food scraps when they peddle away on their bicycles?? And then what happens??”

A very important part of the Community Composting Project is the actual composting process that takes place at the Village School of Northfield. Once the weather gets warm, the compost heaps begin steaming, and it’s time to “mix the green with the brown” as they say. At the Village School, students are encouraged to participate in many sustainable projects as they direct their own learning and projects. You can see a photo gallery of students mixing up dirt and compost to use for their gardens and planting projects. The making of actual “compost” can take many months, depending on the method used. The composting mixture needs to be shifted, turned and mixed throughout the process.

Doug's barrel composter
Doug Madsen and the barrel composter he constructed

One student, Doug Madsen, has constructed a barrel composter as a school project! No sifting or digging is required, just add the dirt and other “browns” (wood chips, soil, dried leaves, etc), and give it a few daily turns! This composting method is much faster, creating compost in just a few months!

The Center for Sustainable Living wishes to thank The Village School and these bright and creative students, for contributing such a vital role in our Community Composting Project!

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